directo3 New Social Media Accounts

1 min readFeb 21, 2023

Are you following directo3 on social media? Well, as some of you may know, directo3 has had some strange encounters with some of its social accounts being suspended or shadow banned. The haters have been watching, and we assume they are afraid of the directo3 Blockchain technology to become a competitor. For those who have kept up with directo3's traction between different accounts, thank you. Here below are the new directo3 social media links for you to stay up to date with the companies progression and daily news. Twitter is more active social account for directo3 followed by Telegram and Instagram.

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directo3 is a multi-platform Blockchain company that specializes in application software and financial services. directoapp freelance marketplace and social community, and d3Launch launchpad are the first platforms released in the directo3 ecosystem.




Freelancerblock is a blockchain freelance marketplace where exploration happens on the block. A directoapp platform.